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“Shul membership is important on many levels. Besides being a way to contribute financially and physically, it means that you feel a part of the institution. A shul is a family, made up of its members.”

“If you are not yet a member, please consider joining. If you are a member, please consider asking a friend to join. If you wish to be an associate member, or an official ‘friend’ of the shul, or if you can encourage someone else to be one, we would welcome that as well.”

Excerpts from a letter to shul members from Rabbi Silver. Here is the full text of the letter.


Full Membership $500 per year

Associate membership $300 per year

*Full members may vote in shul elections and are eligible to serve as officers and on the board of directors.


Membership corresponds to the Jewish year.

Dues can be paid through PayPal or by mailing a check to P.O. Box 8163, Pittsburgh, PA 15217

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